"As a physician committed to the integration of all safe and effective treatments into a new kind of medicine for the whole person, I think the Chinese perspective on health and illness is invaluable, and I welcome all attempts to make it accessible to Westerners." -Andrew Weil (The Web That Has No Weaver)

" Early in my second pregnancy, I sought the care of an acupuncturist to increase circulation, lower blood pressure and combat nausea.  As a Type One Diabetic, my first pregnancy had several complications. The care I received from Sarah went beyond my expectations. She was compassionate, gentle and highly trained. The treatments made such a difference for my quality of life. They also led to my hoped for outcome, which was a healthy baby with a healthy birth weight. The relaxation and calm I experienced also helped to maintain a healthy blood pressure. I would highly recommend Sarah and Serenity to pregnant friends and family." ~Jill N., Traverse City 

" I started acupuncture about 5 years ago and I have found it to be very helpful. I broke my dorsal spine 35 years ago and have some pain with my back, hips and knees.  Sarah has helped me with the pain and it works. I go to her whenever I don't feel well and find relief. I don't know what I would do without her help to guide me.  I thought acupuncture would hurt because of the needles, but I never felt her inserting them into my body. I don't like taking medication and I was so tired of the pain that I found Sarah, made an appointment and have never regretted it.  I have referred friends to her, she is great and I am a very happy client!" ~Connie Towne, Traverse City

" I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah Rasmussen of Serenity Wellness for a couple years now.  When I first visited Ms. Rasmussen the arthritis in my left hand, my dominant hand, was so intense I could barely use it. At the time that I first saw Sarah, I was getting cortisone shots, from a physician every other month to alleviate the intense pain in my hand. I also had very little utility in my hand. As we approached a year after seeing Sarah regularly, generally about twice per month, I had gone the entire year without any cortisone shots at all. Also, my being able to use my hand daily increased from perhaps 30% before seeing Sarah to nearly 80% at this time.  Most importantly, the pain has been managed to the point that tissue damage has been drastically minimized, thereby avoiding painful surgery that would have immobilized me for 90 days or more. When I first met Sarah I have to admit I was skeptical that acupuncture could work, but it has. Thus I became a true believer. Additionally, and in addition to my hand issues, Sarah has been most helpful in managing other pain issue consistent with a 68 year old person. Ms. Rasmussen is ethical, professional, has a compassionate bed-side manner and I would highly recommend her to others who have exhausted the limits of conventional medicine." ~ Edward L. Lee, II. Managing Director, Sleeping Bear Risk Solutions LLC

"I am so happy to use a doula with the birth of my son. Sarah was very helpful and kept me grounded. I am pretty sure that I would have given in and not followed by natural birth plan if it weren't for her. I highly recommend the use of a doula and would do it again myself!" ~Stephanie Wilson, Traverse City

"It was so helpful to have Sarah there with us for the birth of our daughter. The extra set of caring hands and warm reassurances were invaluable as I successfully gave birth via VBAC. She ensured that my birth plan was carried out as we had discussed (before the craziness of labor began!) and helped remind me mid-labor of my hopes for a natural childbirth." ~Shannon Beery

"I had Sarah as my birth coach and cannot say enough kind words. This was my first pregnancy, not knowing what to expect and having a million fears and uncertainties Sarah was always available to answer my questions, reassure me and leave my mind at ease. When I got into my second trimester I became quite uncomfortable, I expressed to Sarah my concerns about my aches and pains, as well as my insomnia that was leaving me tossing and turning endlessly throughout the nights. I tried acupuncture to relieve these problems and it did!  The first night of sleeping after receiving acupuncture was amazing, I fell asleep right away and woke of the next day feeling like a new person.  Acupuncture is a miracle worker. Pregnant or not it will make you feel energized, relaxed and renewed. When it was finally came to my due date I was very ready to have my son. Sarah gave me pre-labor treatments to get my body ready for labor and delivery. Again, acupuncture helped me to relax as I transitioned into labor. I had a rather gruesome, long and painful labor. I had lots of back labor and was not dilating.  It was part of my birth plan to not get an epidural unless it was medically necessary or if I couldn't take it anymore. Sarah was there as my doula and comforted me with each contraction, whether it was rubbing my back, speaking encouraging words or literally letting me squeeze the life out of her as I went through a contraction. She was doing everything she possibly could to make sure I delivered my son the way I intended to. I eventually had to get an epidural, after 24 hours of back labor and not dilating I had to give in and knew I was too weak to push through it.  Reflecting on my entire experience has made me realize that I was so fortunate to have Sarah as my doula. The support care and consideration that Sarah puts into her clients is absolutely incredible. If you are unsure whether or not to have a doula take my suggestion and try it! It will make a world of difference, you will never regret it!!" ~ Kristin Toedebusch